Friday, 26 August 2011

Side project: Investigations into Islamic magic and Djin

Every so often a headline pops up that catches my attention about a subject that I’m very curious but know very little – that being Islamic magic and Djins. Here are a few sample headlines:
The Wikipedia article on the subject of Magic (Paranormal) in Islam was fairly informative, although it left me with a load more questions. As part of my new year’s resolution to become more informed about others faiths I’d intended to read their holy books, hence my bookshelf labeled “to be read this year” has had the Penguin Classics translation of “The Qur’an” added to it.

This should hopefully provide some more context and background to this fascinating field about which I know next to nothing. Conjure Man Ali is someone who appears to be very knowledgeable in the area of Djins, you can find his web site here and his excellent blog here. If he ever does a book or course on it I’d seriously consider signing up (circumstances permitting, there’s a fair number of changes in my life at the moment).

Anyway, if you have any book, blog, mailing list or other online resource recommendations the please let me know!