Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Project update: Food, Respect and Learning

This is a quick update how my currently active projects are going. The projects are:
  1. Hebrew Immersion Study Course 
  2. FAD (Food Attitude aDjustment) and
  3. Noten Kavod (Giving Respect)

1. Hebrew Immersion Study Course 
The scope for Hebrew Immersion Study Course is to read and translate all of the 24 books of the Tanach. So far I've been able to keep up with reading the daily portion of the Torah with commentary from Rashi. However I'm falling behind with studying the later books, having completed the book of Joshua and Judges but getting stuck at the start of the book of Samuel.

2. FAD (Food Attitude aDjustment)
Project FAD (Food Attitude aDjustment) is going pretty well and is almost over. The objective was to change my attitude towards food by eating less comfort food and being more mindful when eating.

Using a strategic approach of combining techniques from Paul McKenna's “I can make you Thin”, Rabbi Bar Tzadok's “Walking in the Fire” and a technique that worked partially last time of keeping a food diary – I'm quite pleased with the results.

As well as going down from 208 pounds (94kg) to 199 pounds (90kg), the thing that really astonished me was how often I was turning to comfort food. Being mindful of eating made me have to think about whether I was eating because my stomach was asking for food or whether it was my head demanding food.

3. Noten Kavod (Giving Respect)
The Noten Kavod project is now in its second week. In the first week the effect of giving respect, transferring some “energy” and smiling inwardly (as well as often outwardly) meant that my interaction was improved with my colleagues, family and friends. It's made me more aware of my surroundings and pay more attention to detail. This week the focus is on giving and returning “energy”. All in all I can begin to understand the effects of this Nefesh attunement exercise but I'll hold off on a complete report until the 3 weeks is up.