Tuesday, 30 August 2011

New Project: A Lion Has Roared

My last project Noten Kavod finished on Monday this week. In summary it was a partial success**, it worked to some extent in Nefesh attunement and having a more positive interaction with people, animals, plants and minerals.

However, having chosen to interact with everything in my environment it became a bit much and I found that I was unable to maintain the meditative focus. In the second and third week I was only able to manage bursts of Noten Kavod meditation, mainly when on a journey from one place to the next. Building up to keeping a mental focus 100% of my waking hours is something beyond my skill level at the moment and will take an unknown amount of time to develop.

Anyway, Ananael Qaa posted recently about Taking the "Wizard" Out Of "Triwizard" on his blog. It gave me the idea for another project that would address one of the lessons learnt from the Noten Kavod project – namely to restrict the time and focus of meditation to specified periods of time rather than attempting to do it continuously.

Instead of going for something meaningful such as world peace, an end to poverty or other worthy and very difficult to measure effect; I've chosen something less serious and arguably still quite difficult to measure effect. Namely to provide spiritual support for an American football team.

For this project I've chosen The Detroit Lions. I've got no connection to this team (that I'm aware of) and have picked it solely on the basis of the following two factors:

1. The wikipedia entry for Detroit Lions states that...
The Lions have won four NFL Championships, the last in 1957, giving the club the second-longest NFL championship drought behind the Arizona Cardinals. The Lions are one of four current NFL teams that have yet to qualify for the Super Bowl. The 2008 Detroit Lions became the only team in NFL history to lose all 16 regular season games.
2. “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit” by Fedde Le Grand (music video link not work safe). This song is used in a dance workout DVD that is frequently played in my home.

Amos 3:8

Here are the project details:

Scope: Use spiritual influence to support Detroit Lions  Time: Regular Season starting September 2011
Cost: 1 hour of prayer, theurgy, trainee Golem builder techniques per game Quality: The success criterion for this project is a significant improvement performance of the Detroit Lions during the Regular Season of 2011. The stretch goal is to qualify for the Super Bowl. The super stretch goal is to win the Super Bowl.
1. The simple success / failure metrics are whether each game is lost or won. However, it is more meaningful to measure trend information. The risk is that the analysis of improvement in performance or lack thereof may be too complicated or time-consuming to be monitored on a frequent basis.
2. The recent track record of the Detroit Lions has not been stellar. The risk is that improvements in the team's performance may not be due to my input and entirely due to other factors. Which makes measuring effect on the team's performance even harder.
3. My not being used to the NFL play schedule or having any understanding of how American football is played means that another risk is that my efforts may be misdirected or have a negative effect. However, it also means that this as an opportunity to learn more about the game and not make the requests for success in too specific a manner. 

** - technically the project failed to meet it's objectives.

Edit: Adding link to post by RO to remind me of results from previous 13 years by Detroit Lions
Edit: Adding match results.

Win / Loss ratio: 10 - 6

  1. Detroit Lions vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Win! 27-20
  2. Detroit Lions vs Kansas City Chiefs: Win! 48-3
  3. Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings: Win! 26-23
  4. Detroit Lions vs Dallas Cowboys: Win! 34-30
  5. Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears: Win! 24-13
  6. Detroit Lions vs San Francisco 49ers: Loss. 19-25
  7. Detroit Lions vs. Atlanta Falcons: Loss 16-23
  8. Detroit Lions vs. Denver Broncos: Win! 45-10
  9. Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears: Loss. 13-37
  10. Detroit Lions vs. Carolina Panthers: Win! 49-35
  11. Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers: Loss 15 - 27
  12. Detroit Lions vs. New Orleans Saints: Loss 17 - 31
  13. Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings: Win! 34 - 28
  14. Detroit Lions vs. Oakland Raiders: Win! 28-27
  15. Detroit Lions vs. San Diego Chargers: Win! 38-10
  16. Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers: Loss 41-45