Friday, 12 August 2011

I haz the Powr!

I've got the power!

OK, perhaps not yet but a recent rather expensive acquisition should help me on my way. The trick to acquiring this book was to decide on a maximum budget, set that amount aside and then to check on a regular basis to see if a copy was available that either matched or was below the set-aside budget. It took 5-6 months and below is the result:

Transcription of the ancient Jewish Hekhalot/Merkabah literature

The next step is being able to translate what is contained in this book. However this is where things get a little more complicated.

Data, Information, Knowledge and Power
Let’s start with the basics about how I define data, information, knowledge and power. Here is a Wikipedia entry on this topic. My definition is similar:
  • Data – letters, numbers, and symbols
  • Information – Data arranged in a meaningful manner for specific reader(s)
  • Knowledge – Internalization of information for meaningful purpose for the reader(s)
  • Power – Application of knowledge for practical purpose(s)

Transforming Knowledge in to Power
Fortunately a lot of research has been done recently in to Merkabah (Chariot) mysticism in the academic community. This makes the translation of the Merkabah texts a little easier. Don Karr has provided a handy PDF on his web site that indicates where translation of specific sections of the Merkabah texts can be found in which books.

Using Don Kar’s information together with my growing skill at translating Hebrew to English, it should be possible for me to translate some key sections over the next few years. Yes, I did say years and not weeks or months. The main reason for this is limitations on my time from family and work.

Coming back to the previous definition of data, information, knowledge and power…

  • Data – Got a hard copy of the book with Merkabah texts
  • Information – Schafer has collated the information in the Synopse document. Current research which I’ve read recently will help to make sense of the data
  • Knowledge – Translating specific parts should help internalize the information to make it more meaningful

This leaves the last part - the transformation of knowledge through practical use in to applied knowledge, also known as experiential knowledge, also known as Power. Which for me is a step in to an undiscovered country so to speak. I’m currently not aware of anyone who makes use of the Merkabah rituals and practices. If you are or know someone who is, please get in touch!

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan warns against the use of Ma’aseh Merkabah in his book Meditaion and Kabbalah stating that in this day and age we lack the means of proper ritual purification. The texts themselves state what the criteria are for use (although they vary somewhat on who is eligible) and spell out the risks of what can go wrong when using heavenly ascension techniques.

It is my firm belief that knowledge is not power unless that knowledge is acted upon. However it’s not my intent to exert power in to my external environment, but rather to focus inwardly and use it to draw ever closer to the Ayn Sof, the Source that continuously emanates all that was, is and will be.