Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cursing: Proof in sharing a little of the misfortune

Last week an incident happened that affected some of my extended family in a place very dear to my heart. It barely made the news however there was significant loss of life. When I found out my immediate response was one of fiery anger, an emotion that thankfully I do not experience very often.

Anyway, in that moment of anger the idea of a curse popped in to my head and I spoke it. My late mother would not have been proud - she believed in fighting fear with courage.

I know very little about cursing; but what I did was combine two Hebrew words. One word to encompass the people who supported the murderers with logistics, weapons and passage. The other word encompassing ill fortune.

The intended time frame for the curse to come in to effect is this winter. However this left me wondering if it would be effective or not. Not long afterwards some strange things happened which reminded me of something a woman told me when I was younger, namely that when she cast the evil eye something bad (to a lesser degree) would also happen to her – that's how she knew it was working.

So the strange things that happened in my life within a day of the curse were: standing outside of work in the rain due to a fire, bleeding unexpectedly, a loved one getting a high fever which did not break for several days (she rarely gets ill) and my house getting struck by lightning. All in all a curious series of events, but the proof as they say is in the pudding. Hopefully the people involved will mend their ways and avoid the curse, if not it will be a most unpleasant winter.