Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bless Your Children

In a recent posting was described some of the reasoning for why it is important to pray. It’s supposed to be a daily activity to take stock of one’s life and judge what the things we need as opposed to the things that we want. Are we on the path of spiritual growth and if the way is becoming unclear, what choices can we make to steer us back on course?

The next question that sprung to my mind was, can one human being bless another or does it all come from the Divine?

The simple answer is yes.

There are many channels of blessing and sustenance through spiritual and then physical means. However, as people through our free choice we can influence the flow of that blessing whether to channel it for good of creation or for selfish ends.

Theurgy, according to my understanding, is the means by which humans take more direct action in order to influence that Divine flow of blessing and sustenance. However, we don’t all need to be theurgists knowledgeable in how the spiritual worlds link us back to the source to give a blessing. Anyone can give a blessing.

Here is the Wikipedia link to the main Jewish blessing that the families of priestly descent give, which is the same blessing that parents give to their children. This is that same blessing sung to a slightly larger audience.

How priests (and Vulcans) hold their hands during the priestly blessing

If you love your children and you love your spiritual practices, then please bless your children** at least each week. I grew up with this and the weekly blessing is amongst my fondest memories.

** - of course feel free to bless other family members and loved ones too.