Thursday, 16 June 2011

Trainee Zombie Builder

Jumping on the band-wagon (perhaps a bit late), but I’ve been inspired by the addition to Rufus Opus’ blog of the CDC planning information for the Zombie Apocalypse, plus the post by Jason Miller on “Zombie Sorcery book”. This has got me thinking, how would a Trainee Golem Builder make the career shift in to the role of Trainee Zombie Builder?

The “Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism” by Rabbi Dennis entry is as follows:

Zombies: While there is not a large tradition of stories about people reanimating dead bodies (as opposed to full resurrecting a person), there are a few medieval and early modern European stories of how one may make a zombie by writing the secret name of God on a parchment and inserting it under the tongue of a corpse, or into an incision in the skin. Removing the parchment reverses the effect (Sefer Yuhasin). This description closely parallels traditions on the construction of a golem. In one account, the dea, driven by a need unfulfilled during life, can spontaneously start to walk the earth again (Shivshei ha-Ari). Virtually all other traditions assume that zombies must be animated by an adept (Ma'aseh Buch 171). See RESURRECTION.

However, having done a cursory search online for Sefer Yuhasin by Rabbi Abraham Zucato it appears that this is a history text and presumably does not contain details on how to create a zombie.
  • Hebrew Link toSefer Yuhasin.
  • English translation link to Sefer Yuhasin.
    Zombie Girlfriend?
The question that has not been asked yet is: why create a zombie? My interest in creating a golem is to be able to re-create the experience of man (to a lesser degree) and thereby draw closer to the Creator of All. However, based on my current understanding animating a corpse seems a bit like being a repairman rather than an inventor (in the sense of designing and creating something from scratch).