Thursday, 2 June 2011

Some thoughts on Defence

Currently I'm doing a spot of gardening. This consists of mowing the lawn and making sure that the 3 tomato and 3 courgette plants that I have growing in a pot too small for them are watered on a regular basis.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that it reminded me about studying the measures that can be taken in agriculture to protect crops. Rather than relying on a single pesticide, fungicide or other chemical treatment – a series of measures can be taken. These combine to provide a better overall defence compared to a single strategy. For example, some spraying of crops, biological control such as ladybirds, clearing sources of pathogens and crop rotation to keep crop pest numbers under control.

Defence in Structures

Another example of a layered defence is castles. Now whilst I do not know much about castles and have only visited a dozen or so – here is a defence breakdown structure that illustrates the combined approach to defence.

Have a look at the following wikipedia pages for a good jumping off point about castles and fortifications.

Integrated Defensive Strategy
Each defensive measure by themselves are not sufficient to repel an attack, but in combination the layering of defences makes it much more difficult for attackers to penetrate these defences. Coming back to the biological example of crop protection, if the defensive strategy is one chemical treatment – then this puts immense evolutionary pressure to develop resistance to that chemical.

The same goes for pharmaceuticals used to treat pathogens in the human body. In the field of computer security there also exists the idea of layered defences with firewalls, intrusion detection, software to combat malware and viruses, encryption, etc.

Magical Defence
Now let's think about your magical and psychic defences.... How many forms do you have? Are they layered to provide an integrated defence which means that there is not a single barrier to overcome but instead a series of steps? I'm certainly not an expert in this field, but if you can point me to some further reading then please leave a comment. Thanks!