Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Project Update: Mid Year Review 2011

It’s close enough to the middle of the year for me to review the status of my ongoing projects, start of year objectives and plan out the work for the next 6 months.

A quick summary of projects is here:
1. Project: Memorize chapter 1 of Sefer Yetzirah (which deals with 10 Sefirot) - completed on time.

2. Project: Understanding the Merkavah User Manual in 2000 pages or less – completed a couple of weeks early

3. Project: Hebrew Immersion Study Course – is ongoing.
I’m keeping up with my weekly study of the 5 books of Moses with commentary by Rashi. My weekly study of the Prophets and Writings (Nevi’im and Ketuvim) is behind schedule but I don’t know by how much. This is something I need to plan properly and fast.

One other outcome of my study project on Merkavah (Divine Chariot see Ezekiel’s vision) literature is volunteering to create a lecture for this to be presented towards the end of the year. It’s at this point that I’m kicking myself for not taking any notes which makes planning this a bit harder.

I’m currently looking in to taking on a medium to large meditation project involving different techniques over a period of time. The aim of this project being to increase my repertoire of meditative techniques and prepare for doing some meditative exercises that have been derived from Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation).

At the start of the year in a post entitled Project Update: Rolling in to 2011, I set out my objectives for this year based on a lifehack post from Runesoup.

Here is my mid-year update:
1. Locate the good stuff.

2. Be aware of the bad stuff

3. Surround yourself with right thinking
        Done. I’m volunteering my Project Management services. Since signing up to Twitter (thanks Gordon for the recommendation), I’ve been able to find a lot more PM articles of interest to read every week.

4. Accept new things
        This is going to become important towards the end of this year.

5. Explore the unknown
        Well, I’ve been walk-about in almost every direction from my office at lunch time to find new places. Thankfully we’re moving office at the end of the year so I should have some new places to explore. In terms of other forms of exploration, I’m still working on that.

6. Get better at digital
        As I’ve stated above I’m on twitter. It’s so good that I have two accounts to track different areas of interest. Recently I’ve had a desire to get back to doing some programming but this is limited by lack of time and frustration at trying to do simple things that I used to be years ago without any struggle.

7. Read the core texts of the major western religions
        Well I’m working my way through Scriptures. By that I mean Torah (5 books of Moses), Nevi’im (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Writings). In the second half of this year I plan to read either the Koran or New Testament,

8. Get fitter without spending money
        Rollerblading is still ongoing. My lunch time walks are also continuing and I’ve started climbing the stairs each day at work to the 8th floor. More on this later in this post.

9. Subscribe to The Economist
        I’m still using up my weekly allocation of free articles. It’s not transformed my view of the world, but certainly has been a useful addition to the numerous news sources that I read on a daily and weekly basis.

10. Learn 3 new skills
        a. Created a Hebrew amulet
        b. Growing tomatoes and courgettes (zucchini). The courgettes should be ready in the next couple of weeks.
        c. Writing a sit-com comedy episode has yet to get started,

11. Devote more time to your appearance
        Weight loss and wardrobe upgrades are ticking along, slowly.

Climbing the Stairs and Humour
Have you ever been in one of those situations where you came up with a really witty comeback but the opportunity to use it had already passed? Here is a link to the definition of treppenwitz Also called “L'esprit de l'escalier”.

Recently I told a joke to my wife, laughed and then saw that she was not laughing. So I asked her: “Do you think I’m funny?” She responded: “Sure, I think you’re funny.” She paused and then said: “In the head.”

It was only later that night, 3:12am to be precise, that I woke up with a funny comeback on the tip of my tongue. Unfortunately it was too late to use it as the thought of waking her to tell her my response was not an option with much return on investment.

Hence I’ve decided as part of my “get that little bit fitter routine” to climb the stairs at work to the 8th floor on a daily basis and work on improving the speed of my witty comebacks. That way I can get the witty replies ready whilst climbing the stairs, the only risk being that I may experience vertigo when it actually comes to using them.