Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Kabbalah book recommendation: Shadow Tree Series

Yesterday the second book of the Shadow Tree Series by Jacobus G. Swart was made published. I own a copy of the first book and although I've not completed reading it or trying all the meditative exercises in it - I really recommend the book.

Jacobus is the only author I know of whose synthesis of Jewish Kabbalah and Western Mystery Tradition works well together without pitting one against the other. He has a huge amount of knowledge of primary sources in Kabbalah and well as you may have guessed I'm a big fan.

Anyway, here is a link to the books in the Shadow Tree Serie published by the Sangreal Sodality Press :
"The Book of Sacred Names" has the following chapter outline:

        Chapter 1 : Ru'ach - Names of Power
                A.    Kabbalah Ma'asit & Holy Names
                B.    Divine Speech & the Foundation of Life
                C.    Levels of Being & Levels of Meaning
                        1.    Gematria
                        2.    Notarikon
                        3.    Temurah
                        4.    Chochmat ha-Tzeruf
                D.    Otiot: Sacred Signs
                E.    Shemot: Hebrew Divine Names
                        1.    Adiriron
                        2.    Adonai & Ehyeh
                        3.    Achatri’el
                        4.    Elohim
                        5.    Ar’arita
                        6.    Tzurtak

        Chapter 2 : Esh - The Forty-Two Letter Name of God
                A.    Ana Bechoach Prayer
                B.    Adjurations & Incantations

        Chapter 3 : Mayim - The Name of Seventy-Two Names
                A.    Arcane Origins
                B.    A Biblical Spin-off
                C.    Magical Applications
                D.    Divine Attendants

        Chapter 4 : Afar - Magical Remedies & Hebrew Amulets
                A.    The Path of Pain & Pleasure
                B.    Magical Techniques for Health & Healing
                C.    Kame'ot for Protection
                D.    Universal Shiviti Amulet
                E.    Amulets for Wealth & Happiness

        Addendum: A Kabbalistic Year

        References & Bibliography

Jacobus described the book as:

""The Book of Sacred Names" is a practical guide into the meditational and magical applications of ancient Hebrew Divine Names. Perpetuating the tenets of traditional Kabbalists who recognised the fundamental bond between "Kabbalah" and "Magic," this text offers step by step instructions on the deliberate and conscious control of personal life circumstances, by means of the most cardinal components of Kabbalistic doctrines and techniques --- Divine Names! The material addressed in this tome derives from the extensive primary literature of "Practical Kabbalah," much of which is appearing in print for the first time in English translation."
 Having just spent $75 on a book about Hechalot & Merkavah mysticism (Ma'aseh Merkavah - mysticism based on vision of Ezekiel and Isaiah), I'll need to wait until next month to put in my order for this book.