Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Considering the Value of Team Rituals

Voice on Project Management (PMI blog) has an interesting article about "The Value of Project Team Rituals" by Lynda Bourne, DPM, PMP. In it the question is asked: how much ritual does a group have and how often is the value of such evaluated?

For something like the practice of Project Management this can be a relatively easy question to answer. For something that like magic or mysticism this may not on the surface appear as easy, but that is exactly why in my opinion is should be asked on a regular basis.

Here is a short (and not exhaustive) list of things to consider when re-evaluating the use of ritual(s):
  • History of the ritual, who created it and to what purpose?
  • Context, who uses the ritual and what was the initial reason for doing so? 
  • Changes, Does it still serve its original Purpose? Does a new purpose justify carrying it on? What is the reasoning for possibly changing it?
  • ROI (return on investment), can effectiveness of the ritual be measured? Does it provide tangible or intangible benefits?
  • Cost, how much does the ritual cost in material, time and effort?
  • Tradition, how does this factor in to the equation?