Friday, 6 May 2011

The Path of Dots, Projects for finding a job and success

An example job hunting project seen through the lens of Sefirot

This article by the PMhut website called: “Turn your job search into a project” sums up one of the main messages of this blog very nicely. That message being - if you are struggling to get something done as a practitioner or don’t know how to plan and execute the Work – run it as a project.

The PM toolkit offers lots of different styles of project and the important thing is to pick the right one process. The basics of Project Management are: Plan – Do – Check – Act and I’ll leave it up to the reader to find out more about choosing the right project to progress their Work. Hopefully in a future post I’ll show how the Abramelin procedure looks translated in to a project plan.

For the moment though I’d like to show how the article from the PM hut for finding a job can be viewed through the lens of the 10 Sefirot. (Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that I am not an expert in Kabbalah when reading this post and blog in general).

Defining the Kind of Job You Want (Keter)
This is the level of will, where a person has a desire that transcends rational thought. You know that you have a desire to do something productive but that is all.

Putting a Plan in Place To Get the Kind of Job You Want (Chochmah)
Now comes the spark of intuition from the psychic intuitive part of your mind. It’s the first kernel of an idea that comes out of the level of pure will and it has no defined structure or layout yet. For example, like me saying: “I want to be a space pirate”. Beyond that statement I have no idea yet how to make it happen.

Organizing Yourself to Be Successful in Your Quest (Binah)

The level of Binah is one of putting structure in to place, where limitations start to be defined that give shape to the idea from Chochmah. “Space Pirate” are just words, until we start to plan out what route a person takes to get there. Space is not a friendly place, training and planning is required to get to this goal and Binah is the place where the idea is mapped out.

Gaining and Maintaining Commitment to your Job Hunting Project (Chesed, Gevurah)
Chesed means expansiveness, the wild rush to encompass all in its path. Gevurah means constraints and holding back. To me it’s a bit like the feeling of being at the top of a very tall slide. Part of me wants to rush forwards and part wants to hold back and remain still. The same applies to the stop-start journey of looking for a job.

Taking Massive Action (Tiferet)
This level is one of harmonious beauty, not just the sum of the parts of Chesed and Gevurah. If Chesed maps to the right arm and Gevurah to the left, then Tiferet is the torso with all its intricate beauty. So at this level the plan birthed in Chochmah and mapped out in Binah progressed through the start-stop of Chesed and Gevurah. Now in Tiferet it gains proper momentum and it is a beautiful feeling.

Monitoring and Controlling Your Planned Activities (Netzach, Hod)

Having achieved momentum a similar start-stop cycle repeats – this time a smoother cycle, less an all or nothing. Netzach wants to give like Chesed but according to the measure of the giver. Hod wants to hold back but according to the one receiving. In other words both start and stop are done in a considered way.

Staying Focused on Your Goal and Your Plan (Yesod)

This is the second to last Sefirah (singular of Sefirot). It is the centre of imagination and sexual energy. Now that you are in the flow of job seeking you are on a roll, executing the plan and making smooth adjustments to stay on track. It’s a sexy feeling to know you’re riding high and now you can really visualize what realistically the future may well look like (rather than wild flights of fancy).

Enjoying Life (Malchut)

Now we are in the final Sefirah that receives from the others but does not give back. You’re on the path to a new job and having done all the preparation well you now need to wait patiently for the results. They will come in their own time and you can enjoy this time to see the fruits of your labours grow and come to completion.