Monday, 18 April 2011

My first amulet (or willingness to look foolish)

March was a bit of a non-month in terms of doing practical stuff in terms of magic, mysticism or project management apart from reading some books. So I set myself the challenge of creating an amulet and decided to use the instructions provided by Jacobus Swart in his blog Practical Kabbalah and Self Creation. Scroll down until you get to the part where it says: "In another of its magical uses one is instructed to cut from a fruit tree a small stick about the size of ones little finger."

So as any decent project manager would do, I set myself a time limit to get the work done and worked out what resources were required. The list of resources is rather small:
  • Finger length piece of wood from fruit tree
  • Something wax to write with (e.g. crayon)
  • Paper

The finger length piece of wood came from the old apple tree at the end of our garden. I had to buy a hacksaw as I did not own any wood cutting implements (if you rule out things such as bread knives).

The wax crayon and paper were bought at a stationary shop. I already owned a drill which meant that I could make a hole in the length of the piece of wood.

However, since my brief risk assessment had indicated that the wood drilling might not be successful, I cut 3 pieces from the tree and sure enough the drilling went wrong on 2 of the pieces.

Then came the next step of practicing the letters to see how much space I should leave for each. I’ll be the first to admit that my skills in calligraphy are very poor indeed, the results are in the image below.

The cam writing it out again with a black wax crayon.

Finally putting it all together, which also did not go quite as well as hoped. You can see a bit of the paper sticking out of the end of the piece of wood.

Please be aware that before doing the writing of the amulet I recited the first 5 and last 5 psalms in Hebrew. The reason for this is two-fold: 1. To remind me that the One who has, is and continues to create the world is in charge. 2. I figured that saying some psalms wouldn’t hurt.

Total cost of making amulet:
  • Hacksaw £9.99
  • Crayons £1.79
  • Paper £6.29
  • Prayers £0.00
  • Total:  £18.07

So there you have it. The amulet is rather poorly constructed, done in a bit of a rush probably with the wrong ingredients, wrong ritual preparation and poorly drawn calligraphy. Do I think that it will work? For sure, 100%! Now all I have to do is figure out how it works…