Friday, 8 April 2011

It ain’t what you do; it’s the way that you do it

Should a practitioner care about the way in which something is done if the results have the desired effect?

Elizabeth in her A Girl Guide to Project Management blog posted recently that it’s important to focus on the outcomes not the processes.

Rufus Opus recently posted on something similar about trying a number of different systems until he found the one he got the most results out of.

Both put forward good arguments for why it’s better to focus on the what than the how. However, whilst I agree that in Project Management there is too much focus on how things are done rather than getting results, when it comes to magic and mysticism I’m at the other end of the spectrum.

The how is much more important that the results. (With the exception when it comes to healing).

Faith and Leaping

Crazy? Well, I’ll be the first to admit it. But that is the leap that is required in my faith. It’s not just enough to acknowledge that there is a Creator who has and is bringing all of existence constantly in to being. Once such an acknowledgment is made then the next step is to act on that, to make a connection,

For me the path to achieving experience of the Divine is through studying and following the commandments in the Written (Tanach) and Oral Law (Talmud); to delve in to their mysteries and experience the Divine through the paths of Jewish mysticism and kabbalah. Part of that parcel of positive and negative commandments is not performing certain actions.

Does Sorcery Work?

There is mention of sorcery and witchcraft numerous times in the Tanach and there are commandment forbidding its use. That means that they not forbidden because they don’t work, rather by mentioning them and forbidding them the message is that sorcery does work. However I accept that by following the commandments I acknowledge that sorcery and witchcraft are not the correct paths for me to take.

Having said all that though I’m fascinated by magic and mysticism of all colours, flavours and incarnations. A Trainee Golem Builder is in my view someone who wears the hat of a metaphysics geek, ever curious to find out how things work and it all fits together.

In summary: when it comes to Project Management, as long as it is legal and ethical then use whatever works. When it comes to magic and mysticism, at least for me, the process is more important that the outcome. As one Rabbi put it to me recently, we have to take the risk that we could be betting on the losing horse, but that is what is being asked of those who follow this path.