Thursday, 10 March 2011

Treadwells lecture: Power of the Word: Neoplatonism's Gift to Western Magic

Treadwells lecture notes from: Power of the Word: Neoplatonism's Gift to Western Magic.

03 March 2011 (Thursday) 7:15pm. Price £7.00
The Neoplatonic theory of the power of words is key to Western Esotericism's magic. Plotinus and others taught that thoughts were not abstract, 'unreal' things, but rather the essence of reality. And they endorsed ceremonial practice – including magical words which emit 'ineffable power.' What is the theoretical basis for this theory of power? What does it imply for astrology, divination? And what of that greater power – silence? No expertise in the late-antique Platonic thought needed – just bring an interest in magical speech, spoken spells, or ceremonial magic – or philosophy! Earl Fontainelle lives in Dartmoor where he is writing his University of Exeter Ph.D. thesis on Plotinus.