Friday, 11 February 2011

“I need an Exit”

Work has been pretty toxic as of late, not the people or the projects under development – but due to the constant uncertainty about the future of the organization within which I am employed. Each time I hear a piece of news the tower of my motivation crumbles a little bit and today I find myself standing amidst the ruins. I’d previously decided not to stay in a recent re-organization, but then got talked in to staying on.

Today my plan for a better future begins.
 Problem is… I don’t have much of plan yet apart from wanting to do something new. Well, OK not something entirely new and hopefully something that builds on my current skill-set. Recently I’ve been considering doing something a little more technical again and my current boss has hinted that I could take up such a role. For the moment thought I’ll leave that option open whilst I build a plan that I’m willing to sign my name against.

Following the Plan-Do-Check-Act simple process, it would make sense to make a plan. However, before I get started with that I find it helpful to do a stock check of where I’m at before moving off to where I want to be.

Current status:

  • Project Manager with 6 years experience in multinational company
  • Previous to that had a technical background and have experience of full project lifecycle from technical as well as management perspectives
  • Trainee Golem Builder with some (largely theoretical) knowledge of Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism
  • Weakness include only project managed in one company, plus lack of practical experience of Kabbalah

Future desirable status:
  • Project Manager (or similar role) at a higher salary in a different organization
  • Some revival of technical skills whether needed for work or for personal use
  • Mastery of Hebrew, proven by ability to pick up most books & manuscripts and be able to translate and understand their contents.
  • A kick-ass skill-set on my CV as a Trainee Golem Builder including knowledge of:
    • Elazar of Worms’ instructions on golem building
    • How to adjure an angel
    • Writing an amulet
    • At least 25 segulot (an action that is expected to lead to an alteration of one’s natural fortune)
    • Translation of at least one book by Abraham Abulafia
In the short term, when I get back to work next week I’ll be re-invigorating my efforts in my current role. This will enable me to get the most out of the experience and skills that I can gain each day and build up momentum for the future. The step after that is to come up with a time-line of when I’d like changes to happen and what steps need to take place to make it happen. Let the planning and praying commence!