Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Project Update: Rolling in to 2011

The holidays are over and I’m back at work, still waiting to find out whether I have a job next week or not. A colleague told me that he was rather stressed about the uncertainty of the last 6 months, but I’m feeling quite Zen about the whole thing. As Nachum Ish Gamzu used to say: “This too is for the best”.

This post is a brief update on various projects:

Reading Project Update
Project: Understanding the Merkavah User Manual in 2000 pages or less” – this project is about reading academic literature to understand the Jewish school of Mysticism that existed around the 2nd to 9th centuries in Palestine and Babylonia based around the vision of the Divine in the Books of Ezekiel and Isaiah.

Currently I’m reading Rebecca Lesses’ book “Ritual Practices to Gain Power: Angels, Incantations, and Revelation in Early Jewish Mysticism”. Having a book title with ““Ritual Practices to Gain Power” means that I do get a few odd stares on the underground during my commute.

Response to Rune Soup’s 2011 Hacks for the New Year post

1. Locate the good stuff
Creative, self aware, relatively open minded and good listener.
2. Be aware of the bad stuff
Lazy, addicted to computer games, love studying theory but not very good at putting it in to practice.
3. Surround yourself with right thinking
Done this already in the past couple of years. Plan to look in to honing Project Management skills helping a volunteer/charity organization.
4. Accept new things
Not sure how to plan this one, just looking out for opportunities to fulfill this one.
5. Explore the unknown
Not sure how to plan this one, just looking out for opportunities to fulfill this one.
6. Get better at digital
This needs some work, just creating a blog and updating it was a big step. I’ll need to investigate Twitter more. But I suspect that I’d prefer to try to create a phone app to meet this criterion.
7. Read the core texts of the major western religions
So that’s the Torah, The New Testament and The Koran. Done the first, plan to read the others. Question is: which version of the New Testament or Koran?
8. Get fitter without spending money
Currently do some rollerblading with a relative on ad hoc basis. Plan to make exercise more of a regular part of my weekly routine and do at least 30 minutes walking at lunch time each day as part of my daily walking meditation / walk-about.
9. Subscribe to The Economist
It’s not so much a question of cost as of time. My reading time for commuting is very precious to me and hence I’ll start by trying to read some articles weekly online. If I manage that for 4 months then I’ll subscribe to either the full electronic or print edition.
10. Learn 3 new skills
a. Creating a proper Hebrew amulet
b. Growing my own vegetables
c. Write a sit-com comedy episode script
11. Devote more time to your appearance
Ongoing. Already bought a smart coat, I’ve got a mental image of the look I’d like to adopt in 2011. Part of that look is losing weight so that the clothes will not look ridiculous on me.