Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Ashes of the Great Library of Alexandria

The Metro free newspaper had the following article on Friday 21 January 2011 pp.31:

>Upset the library gods at your peril

BEAN-COUNTERS looking to save money by closing libraries have been warned they’re running the risk of upsetting the gods. Trustees of Glastonbury’s Library of Avalon said three Egyptian deities – Djehuti, god of libraries; Maat, goddess of righteousness and order; and Seshar, goddess of documentation – could be provoked in to action. They warned shutting libraries in Somerset was ‘tantamount to sacrilege’ and ‘grossly impious’. The Library of Avalon, has 10,000 books on subjects ranging from runes to reincarnation, is not directly affected by the proposal.

Any regular reader of Metro knows that it's not the worlds greatest newspaper. Some of the articles are cut & paste with a few edits from the previous evening's news and it fits a niche in the London commuter need to:
  1. Read something that is free
  2. Have something to stare at so as to be excused from making eye contact with one's fellow commuters.

Having read the above article in the Metro, this did leave me wondering... Where were these gods when the Great Library of Alexandria was destroyed (possibly on multiple occasions)?