Sunday, 5 December 2010

Spiritual Regeneration: Make the Dream Happen

Rune Soup has posted an interesting article about creating your own Festival of Festivals.

Why is it important to start your spiritual regeneration at this point in the year? Well, the Solstice is coming up and soon the shortest day of the year will pass, leading to the days starting to get ever longer until Spring arrives. Did I say Spring? We're barely in to Winter!

However, it's in winter that the seeds and sap stays in the ground getting ready to germinate and rise in the spring. New beginnings, like seeds, start small and often develop out of sight (such as in the dark cool earth).

Importance of a Good Beginning

Project Managers know that the start of a project is a crucial time (see PM World article). If it starts badly, then the rest of the project is often spent trying to recover from the bad start - which takes away focus from other important areas. So the advice I'd like to share as a Project Manager is: start as you mean to go on.

Which brings me on to the important subject of dreams. The dreams that you have in your sleep and the dreams that you create to build hope and impetus for a better future. In this last week's Torah portion the story of Pharaoh's dreams are told. Not too long before that we read about Joseph's dreams and the Rabbi asked the following question of our congregation: “What is the difference between these dreams?”

* Link to Jospeh's dream: Genesis 37:5-10
* Link to Pharaoh's dream: Genesis 41:1-7

Differences in Dreams

The difference between Joseph's dream and that of Pharaoh is that Joseph was an active participant in his dream unlike Pharaoh who was passive. Pharaoh also got his servant Joseph to act on his dream and make them a reality.

So ask yourself: “Have I been a passive participant of my dreams recently, an observer? Or have I been an active participant, making things happen?” Then ask yourself: “Is my spiritual/magical development going strong? Or does it need a period of regeneration to germinate in to a stronger form for the coming seasons?”

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the overt focus on materialism at this time of year. If you are going to start the next phase of your spiritual or magical development, make sure it's with the best possible start. So why not start with a celebration to commence the period of re-growth, to focus the mind on the spiritual and magical dimensions/aspects of life?