Friday, 24 December 2010

Project Update: Two boats and a helicopter

There's a joke about a man who is sitting on the roof of his house as the valley he lives in has flooded. A boat passes by and offers to rescue him, but the man replies: "God will save me".

A little while later the water has risen higher and another boat passes by. The crew of this boat urge him to climb on board, but again the man replies: "God will save me".

Finally a helicopter passes over the man's house as he is perched on top of his chimney. They throw down a rope to pull him on board, but once again the man replies: "God will rescue me".

The man drowns and when his souls ascends to Heaven he confronts God about letting him drown. God replies: "Two boats and a helicopter was not enough for you?"

At work recently I'd made the decision to ask not to be included in the new organization structure. Since there was no voluntary redundancy, this was the closest thing we could do to get a payout and move on to another job. Shortly after making that decision, I had chats with 2 managers to explain how I was Project Managing my career and looking at the next 5 years of my career growth.

An hour later I got a call from another manager offering me a very good project in the new organization, but I turned him down and explained my decision was based on the 5 year plan, etc. Anyway, a few days later another manager approached me and offered me an even better project. That got me thinking... was this the second boat? Should I wait for the helicopter or just get the hell out off the submerged house to relative safety? Hence I said yes to the second manager and I'm now waiting to find out if I have a job in the Yew Year.

In other project related news, my project to meditate for 40 days to acquire Wisdom has finished and so far there's no immediate transformation in my consciousness or of level of insight in to all things occult and Kabbalah. Early on in the 40 days I had dreams of studying at a Rabbinical college, but I could not understand what was being taught. Later in the 40 days these dreams stopped.

My reading is continuing for the Project to understand Merkavah (Heavenly Chariot) and Hechalot (Heavenly Palaces) literature in 2000 pages. In terms of page count I'm doing quite well, in terms of comprehension of the subject matter it's not going as well. However, like the 40 days for Wisdom project - I'm hoping that at a certain point I'll reach a critical mass and have a break through in my understanding.