Friday, 12 November 2010

Project: 40 Days for Wisdom

Source: “Walking in the Fire: Classical Torah/Kabbalistic Meditations, Practises & Prayers” by HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Rav of

SECTION 4: Prayers & Segulot
Segulah L’Hochmah
An Invocation for Wisdom from The Book of the Angel Raziel
“Recite this prayer seven times over a glass of water and then drink it. Repeat this for 40 days in a row.
Halakha (Law): Holy names and angelic names must never be spoken aloud. They should only be contemplated upon and recited silently. Warning! Violating this law can invoke angelic wrath and provoke a curse instead of a blessing.”

See the book quoted above for the translation (and transliteration) of the text from this portion of Sefer Raziel.

Scope: Use prayer for Chochmah / Wisdom to boost initiate
Time: 40 days, starting 13 November 2010 / 6 Kislev 5771
Cost: 1 glass of water per day, plus sufficient time for repetition of prayer 7 times per day
Quality: The success criterion for this project is a significant improvement in ability to understand of Chochmah / Wisdom. This is a subjective measure of success and findings at the end will indicate whether it worked or not.
To Emenator: Daily prayer seven times a day over glass of water.
If time permits, blog updates on any noticeable changes during 40 day period.
Fast on 17th of Tevet, must ensure that prayer time does not overlap with fast [ Probability: High, Impact: High]. If a day is missed, the procedure needs to be started anew.
Initiate may not be of sufficient receptivity to handle influx of Wisdom. [Probablity: Medium, Impact: High]. This can be mitigated by stopping the procedure if adverse affects manifest during the 40 days.
Procedure may not work. [Probability: Low, Impact: Hight]. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
May mispronounce name or lose count of prayers. [Probability: Low, Impact: High]. If count goes badly wrong then may need to start 40 days anew or may due to mis-pronounciation get unpredictable results.