Sunday, 24 October 2010

CV update, a call to action

Normally walking is my preferred means of thinking through issues as the motion of my legs seems to lull my mind in to just the right level of consciousness to make heavy decisions or ponder subjects of metaphysics. Such as the structure of the soul and how Kabbalists in different centuries interpreted the word ‘Tselem’ (loosely translates to Astral body).

However, of late my walks have got fewer and fewer due to not enough free lunch time at work. At home walking opportunities have also decreased which on the whole is not a bad thing as the daylight hours grow shorter as the cold weather moves in for winter.

This does leave the issue of when opportune times for pondering arise. To which my answer is that perhaps this is a sign that there should be: a little less pondering and a little more action please. Having spent the last few years reading up on books by professors Scholem, and Idel on Kabbalah as well as a number of other paper and electronic sources – so far all I have to show for it is a handful of meditative techniques used for 15 minutes each morning and presenting a couple of talks on obscure subjects at Treadwells bookshop.

The trouble is that my background is not one that encourages meddling in things unseen and occult. My religion goes back a ways and has a number of practices in-built to safeguard oneself from influences from the spirit worlds (even if many people have forgotten this). There’s plenty of lore of interaction with spirits of which I have only recently begun to scratch the surface, partly due to interest in other areas and in part a language barrier. So whilst I have taken an interest from a theoretician’s point of view on such things as Abramelin, Grimoires, Amulets, Yichudim, etc via reading and talks at Treadwells bookshop – I’m reluctant by nature and nurture to do anything practical.

Having read a blog not so long ago about updating one’s magical CV – it occurred to me that mine is weighed very much towards the theory side. Although I’m part way Chajes’ book “Between Worlds” (about malign possession by Dybbuks and bening soul impregnation of Ibburs) – I’d be stumped as to how to actually perform an exorcism.

Fortunately my life path has steered me from ever needing to apply my learning to practical matters although it has taught me to see the world through different coloured lenses. For example, it helps to explain the shift in politics in Europe and how the spiritual vacuum that exists in Europe is shaping geopolitics. I’ll not bore you with Kabbalistic terms, as the symbols can often divert attention from the physical and spiritual realities that they are referring to. But the Tree of Life is a pretty handy guide to examining reality.

Coming back to the subject of CVs, my work life is undergoing a bit of upheaval and the current new jobs on offer differ somewhat. Whilst polishing my CV for work, it reminded me of my lack of practical experience in my other studies.

One area that has shown some success recently is in the area of dreams. For quite some time now my dreams have been very “crowded”. There’s always many other people (or things) present and it’s quite common for me to wake up having endured a night of listening to them all argue amongst themselves – with me trying to play the peace-maker. Since I don’t subscribe to the school that says “It’s all just in your head”, this leads me to the conclusion that my dreamscape is like Babylon 5 a home away from home in which humans and others come together to look for those rare things – common ground and understanding.

Well that’s come to a halt recently. Having grown tired of these dreams I’ve taken an active stance and started challenging my dreamscape visitors to teach me Torah. Almost all have made themselves scarce and I suspect that the few that remain are hanging around hoping that this is a passing phase. My studies to date on the Neshamah (soul) and finding one’s own spiritual teacher have made me take this practical step in weeding out from the dreamscape visitors to just those that actually have something to teach. My chosen subject is Torah for the simple reason that if these are any shedim (type of demon) or other malign entities that they are unlikely to want to teach this subject.

So now there are two activities that I engage in regularly that can go on the practical section of my other CV, namely daily meditations using basic Abulafian (13th century mystic) techniques and seeking a dream teacher. This coming week I’ll be doing a bit of travelling to a place that personally I’ve found to be teeming with ghosts and spirits. The land has a very long and violent history indeed and relatives of mine who have visited there before have commented on their very memorable and busy dreams. Hence it’ll be an interesting experience to see who’ll pop up in my dreamscape and whether they’ll have something to teach or not.