Thursday, 23 March 2017

March 2017 Link-o-rant

I'd like to get back to blogging about my progress in terms of learning and practice - and I will soon. But before that I'd just like to re-visit a few links.

A Gathering Storm
You see a few years ago, I sensed that things in Europe were starting to change for the worse. The initial signs of the polarisation grew faster than I expected and at the same time a migration was underway from blogging to more interactive social media.

Initially I thought that this was a natural migration, similar to bulletin boards to email lists to message boards to blogs to twitter and Facebook. But then I started to see that Facebook in particular had a risk of railroading people's development. The thing I loved about blogs was how they made me look at things from different angles, especially when that made me leave my comfort zone.

The other thing that social media such as Facebook reduced was time to contemplate and perhaps even say sorry. Early on I already saw the occult community as a disparate group of individuals who happened to share some overlapping interests. Unfortunately FB has reinforced some of those divisions and there are few people I would nominate as ambassadors for the occult community.

Moving Forwards
So despite the writing being on the wall for awhile that things need to improve, we can each take small steps to continue progressing.

Start by following your passion. If you've lost your passion - perhaps think about why magic is now (and has always been) a necessary tool for survival? Make time for magic, carve it out from your day as a special time that almost nothing can intrude upon.

Sometimes you'll fail, I certainly do a lot of the time. It's understandable that not everyone can maintain a blog long term for a number of reasons.

But you need to persevere and keep putting in the effort because in the long run you will have grown in ways you could never have foreseen. Enduring on your path is at time a victory in itself.

Whilst theatre, literature, and even gaming are all beneficial in keeping ones momentum going....The bottom line is that we just need to keep doing the work! And sometimes even blog about it...

Who knows, we may help someone else on their magical journey by sharing a few hard earned lessons from our colourful pasts.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Weaving and Flower Beds

Today I finally had some time to practice meditating on the 231 gates. It's detailed in chapter 2 of Sefer Yetsirah. I use Abulafia's head movement for each letter and used the initial vowel of each letter. For example: Ah for Aleph, Beh for Bet, Gi for Gimmel, etc. It took just over an hour and that was rushing it a bit.

231 Gates

The curious thing is that during the latter part of the meditation, it felt like the letters were being woven together. In Sefer Yetsirah is states in Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan's version in Chapter 1 Verse 11:

"...He engraved them like a sort of garden
He carved them like a sort of wall
He covered them like a sort of ceiling..."
I have learned from one of my teachers that the garden is like a flower bed. The ceiling can be like a thatched roof - woven together. Another meditation I do feels very much like arranging the letters in a flower bed. I wonder what meditative technique builds the walls...?

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Small Movements in Time - Part 2: Response to Blogos' Response

Blogos posted recently in response to my previous article. Within the framework of the Hermet Lessons it makes perfect sense and fits with the Metabilism of Time work that he has posted over the past few years.

In reponse to his response I would like to post a fuller extract from Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz that talks more about the concepts of "space," "time," and "soul" that recur in Sefer Yetsirah.

“The Thirteen Petalled Rose” by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz


“...The world of action, however, is only one world in a general system of four fundamental dimensions of being, or four different worlds, each with its own cosmos of varying essences. These four worlds have been called, in order from the highest to the lowest, “emanation,” “creation,” “formations,” and “action”. Thus, the world directly above ours is the world of formation. To understand the difference, one must first understand certain factors common to all four worlds. These factors were traditionally known as “world,” “year,” and “soul”; nowadays we would call them “space,” “time,” and “self” (experience of one’s being). Each world is distinguished from the others by the way these three factors are manifested in it. For example, in our world, physical place is a necessary external element for the existence of things; it is the background against which all objects move and all creatures function. In the higher worlds, and also in the world of spiritual action, that which is analogous to space in the world of physical action is called a “mansion.” It is the framework within which various forms and beings converge and connect. Perhaps one may compare it to those self-contained systems – known in mathematics as “groups” or “fields” - in each of which all the unit parts are related in a definite way to the other parts and to the whole. Such systems may be inhabited or full to capacity, or they may be relatively sparse or empty. Whatever the case, such a system of related existences constitutes a “place” in the abstract – a “mansion” in the higher worlds.

Time also has a different significance in the other worlds. In our domain of experience, time is measured by the moment of physical objects in space. The “year” as it is called abstractly constitutes the very process of change; it is passage from one thing to another, from form to form, and it also includes within itself the concept of causality as that which keeps all transition from form to form within the bounds of law. Indeed, upon ascending the order of worlds, this time system becomes increasingly abstract and less and less representative of anything that we know as time in the physical world; it becomes no more than the purest essence of change, or even of the possibility of potential change.

Finally, what we call “soul” is, in the physical dimension, the totality of living creatures functioning in the time and space dimensions of this world. Although they are an essential part of this world, they are distinguished from the general background by their self-consciousness and knowledge of this world. Similarly, in the higher world, the souls are self-conscious essences acting within the framework of the mansion and the year of their world...”

Space, Time, Soul – My understanding To Date

This extract from Rabbi Steinsaltz, a man I consider to have a vast knowledge of both revealed (i.e. written & oral law) and concealed Torah (i.e. Kabbalah), contains some critical elements in the understanding of the other “worlds” and the entities that operate within them.

In terms of “place”, entities in the various worlds can interact with those that they are similar to. However, opposites can only come together in this world of action. The angels of anger have no commonality with the angels of joy and hence are unable to properly interact in the world of “Yetsirah”. “Place” in that realm is not one dictated by physical space, that only exists as such in the lower parts of the world of action. Now imagine what “place” may be in the worlds of “Beriyah” and “Atzilut” - what the entities are that populate those worlds and how they “move” in the dimensions of place?

Time in the world of “Yetsirah” flow in the reverse order to what we experience in this world of action “Assiyah”. Time does not operate in a way that we can really understand in the world of “Atzilut”, it’s the mere hint of the potential for change.

“Soul” is another distinguishing quality of the four worlds that I do not understand sufficiently to explain.

Each of these three qualities “space,” “time,” and “soul” of the four worlds are different in each of the four worlds. The fact that Sefer Yetsirah refers to space, time, and soul in each of the chapters is to reinforce this point that they exist in each of the four worlds.

My limited understanding is that in order to move in space, time, and soul mansions/sets of the four worlds – we have to carve, engrave, permutate, etc. them. Else we only end up moving along one of these axis and not all three.

Back to Abulafia

Now back to Rabbi Abraham Abulafia. As written in my previous post – he talks of 3 sets of Sefirot. 10 for space, 10 for time, and 10 for soul.

I understand this to mean that there are 3 sets of 10 in each of the four worlds. So there are for example: a Binah of space, a Binah of time, and a Binah of soul in the world of Yetsirah. There is a Netzach of space, a Netzach of time, and a Netzach of soul in Atzilut.I will leave it up to you to permutate the other combinations...

Does this mean that I believe that there are 120 Sefirot in total? No! There are more. As Rabbi Abulafia writes (pp.14 of Amnon Gross’ Otzer Eden Ganuz (Hidden Treasury of Eden)):

“And it (Sefer Yetsirah) states ‘Ten Sefirot Without What (Beli-mah) their attribute is ten that has no end. And this matter is very important because he [the author of SY] wants to inform us that that the Sefirot are not physical (do not have bodies) that have an end and the Sefirot do not have an end. And if they are ten, then see that they are also tens of ten, and also a thousand that are also ten hundred, and also more that they are tens of thousands and so on until there is no end (Ein Sof). And by this way the truth is hinted when it states [in Sefer Yetsirah] “Their attribute is ten that has no end”. And it did not say ten alone without mentioning the name of attribute. None the less it did not say attributes but rather a single attribute to all of them.”

What I believe Rabbi Abulafia is saying is that when Sefer Yetzira states that the attribute of the Sefirot is ten and it has no end – what it is teaching is that we can assign 10 Sefirot across the four worlds, we can assign ten Sefirot in each of the four worlds, we can assign 3 sets of ten according to place, time, and soul in each of the four worlds…. But that still does not encompass the essence of the Sefirot. The number ten is an attribute that alludes to orders of infinity. Anything less is putting a limit to the Sefirot which I think SY tries to reinforce in chapter one is ultimately meaningless by the repeated mention of Sefirot Beli-Mah (literally without what, without anything… infinite).

Monday, 20 February 2017

Small movements in Time

Blogos' posts on Time have made me take another look at the way Time is written about in Sefer Yetzira. Whilst my focus of practice has until now has been mostly about Space, it's time I started looking deeper in to my relatiosnhip and interactions with Time.

RSA ANIMATE: The Secret Powers of Time
Before I dive in to the deeper part of the post, I just want to point this informative little video about how we relate to time most often.

Getting Textual

In  Abraham Abluafia's Ozter Eden Ganuz (Secret Treasury of Eden) at this link (page 14) it states:

"...And know that the body of a person is created with 10 Sefirot and so is the Year and so is the World and they are 30 Sefirot, and on this we received to write the Name with 3 Yud (letters) and call His Name EL to show that He blesses one with all..." (My poor translation of the above opening sentence).

So what is this Year and World that Abulafia speaks about? Well this is explained by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz in his "Thirteen Petalled Rose" pp.3 writes:
"...These four worlds have been called, in order from highest to the lowest,  "emenation," "creation," "formatioim," and "action". Thus, the world directly above ours is formation. To understand the difference, one must first understand certain factos common to all four worlds. These factors were traditionally known as "world," "year," and "soul"; nowadays we would call them "space," "time," and "self" (experience of one's being)..."

Rabbi Steinsaltz then goes on to talk more about the differences within the four "worlds" (realities) and how time, space, and self differ in each.

Now that we understand that "Time" is a property of the four "worlds", we can understand the references in Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan's commentary and translation of Sefer Yetsira (Book of Formation) in 3:3, 4:6, and 5:3.

In chapter 3 verse 3 (3:3) he writes:
"Three Mothers: Alef, Mem, Shin
He engraved them, He carved them,
He permuted them, He weighed them,
He transformed them
And with them He deipcted
Three Mothers AMSh in the Universe,
Three Mothers AMSh in the Year,
Three Mothers AMSh in the Soul,
male and female"

In chapter 4 verse 6 (4:6) he writes:
"Seven Doubles: BGD KPRT of Foundation
He engraved them, He carved them,
He permuted them, He weighed them,
He transformed them,
And with the He formed
Seven planets in the Universe,
Seven days in the Year,
Seven gates in the Soul,
male and female"

In Chapter 5 verse 3 (5:3) he writes:
"Twelve elementals
Their foundation is [that]
He engraved them, carved them, permuted them,
weighed them, and transformed them,
And with them He formed
twelve constellations in the Universe
twelve months in the Year
and twelve directors in the Soul,
male and female"

Of course, as Rabbi Kaplan writes in his Introduction to Sefer Yetsira the book can be read in the imperative. So instead of stating "He carved,..." it should be read as "You should carve..."

These three verses encapsulate a lot of what chapters 3, 4, and 5 are about. The 3 Mother letters in chapter 3. The 7 double letters in chapter 4 and the 12 elemental (or simple) letters in chapter 5.

By engraving the meaning of the letters, carving away all other thoughts, permutating the letters with the other letters of the aleph-bet, "weighing" them (putting them next to each of the other letters in turm is how I do this), and transforming them (replacing with numerical equivalents) - we can align ourselves with the forces that are channeled through the letters.

Three Mothers in the Year (time). Seven days in the Year (time). Twelve months in the Year (time). Once we are aligned with the Divine flow that forms the framework of Time - we should, in theory, be able to affect time that is different to the way that was described in the RSA video at the beginning of this blog post.

My initial plan is to start with something that I consider to be relatively simple. I'll find a verse in the Torah related to time, then engrave, carve, etc letters and see if I can "dream tomorrow" during the night to predict (experience in advance of my current perception of linear time) what the events of the next day will bring.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Biopsy of the Occult Blogosphere

Digital Ambler recently comment at the end of his article “Work, Lineage, and Auturgy” :

Given the general quietude of the occult blogosphere, and how so much has petered out or calmed down over the past few years (my own blog included!), I wonder if this is a sort of predicament-shift that is facing many people who got into magic around the Great Blogosphere Renaissance, and how many others are wondering this same thing I am now.

It’s a great article and the ending makes much more sense in context of the whole article. I personally think that the occult blogosphere has gone dormant for a bit and when the need arises due to changes in the world, it will either flourish again or go underground (so to speak).

Here are some additional reasons why the occult blogosphere may have reduced in terms of active participants and volume of output. This list is speculative (mostly) and not exhaustive.
  1. Ennui – It can be a lot of work providing regular updates to a blog with good quality updates.
  2. Death – I know of at least one blogger who died. He was a great man and I miss his company.
  3. Family – Changes in family circumstance such as getting married, having kids, getting divorced, becoming a widow(er) are all life changing events that can bring an active blog to a sudden stop.
  4. Success – Strange as it may sound, if a blogger has achieved a level of success with their magical practice where they no longer feel the need to track their progress in a public forum, they may stop blogging and even stop being active practitioners
  5. Social Media – The shift to interactions on Facebook has meant that the frequency of interactions have gone up, even if the quality of those interactions hasn’t necessarily kept pace.
  6. Responses – or lack there-off. Some bloggers need comments and feedback to motivate them to continue to publish online.
  7. Fear – whether it is via the Law of Unintended stakeholders (i.e. people finding out you have a blog on the occult who you’d rather had not found this out) or perhaps fear from success in operations that the practitioner is not able to process and integrate in to their magical world-view – fear is a powerful force that can eat away at even the most resilient of people.
  8. Books – some practitioners reach a certain stage and publish one or more books. Promoting books, even on occult topics, is in my opinion not contributing to the occult blogosphere. The only exception I have in this is people who make their living off teaching magic and hence I have some acceptance of marketing of their courses and books.
  9. Material – some people run out of material. Actually I’m not sure this is even possible, please ignore this entry.
  10. Mission accomplished – everything must come to an end, even a blog. If a blog has served the purpose for the author(s) and it no longer contributes to their life, what is the point in carrying it on?
  11. Egregore – if there was an egregore of the occult blogosphere, it has either starved or otherwise been done away with. There were times in the past when I felt that my blog was alive on some level and need regular feeding with content.
  12. Underground – lastly some bloggers join organizations that do not permit publishing of their activities. Whether it is an occult order or intelligence agency, mum’s the word and any violations are dealt with harshly.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

New Project: Rokeach on Sefer Yetzira

Josephine McCarthy recently wrote in a blog post: "The struggles with Magical Training, and the Quareia Apprentice Section":

The progress, particularly in the apprentice section also relies not only on your work ethic and keen mind, it also depends upon your body, what is happening to your body at that time, and also what is happening around you at work, at home and out in the world. You are a part of a holism in life, and the course works through that holism: there will be times it is not right for you to jump forward, and you will be held back. At other times, you will push forward suddenly – the tide is in your favour.
Recently there have been a number of significant changes in my life. The world too seems to be changing at a rapid pace and for the last few months I've been riding it out - waiting to start doing meditation on a regular basis again.

Now it feels like it's the right time to start another cycle of learning Sefer Yetzira (Book of Formation) and by the looks of it - I am not the only one.

A new year calls for studying a new commentary on Sefer Yetzira. And no commentary on Sefer Yetzira is ever old.

Here are the details of the new project:

Scope: Read and translate chapter 1 of commentary on Sefer Yetzira by Rabbi Eliezer of Worms (wonkypedia link on author)
Time: 10 week deadline
Cost: Sunk cost of books purchased ($43)
Quality: Translate minimum of 2 pages per week and meditate on content minimum of 2 times per week
Communication: Summary of key points in each verse and any interesting experiences from the meditation sessions
1.Lack of time, need to set aside dedicated evenings for this.
2. Inability to translate, or understand the translation (Hebrew Immersion project was preparation for this project
3. May not achieve any meaningful results until completing chapter 2, planned for next project
Issues: 1. Difficult to understand terms of reference from 12th century text.
Stretch Goal: Read and translate chapter 2 before the start of the next project

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Found in Translation

My many atempts to try to translate the works of Rabbi Abraham Abulafia define the stepping stones of my journey to date. Each time I failed I have come away with more knowledge and determination.

The current (5th) attempt to translate "Gan Na'ul" (The Sealed Garden) is gaining momentum and I have managed to read further in the book than previous attempts. It's a commentary on Sefer Yetzira (Book of Formation) and hence expects the reader to be familiar with this work.

A friend on facebook shared a link on a 1-day conference titled: "Western Esotericism and the Art of Translation" at the Open University in Israel. It would be awesome to attend. But even if I cannot go - I will draw inspiration from the fact that this topic of translation of esoteric material is the focus of debate.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Spinning Wheels

A couple of years ago a friend died. He had issues with his resporatory system that had been going on for some time. I remember trying to divine what was going on and only receiving a vision of what can only be described as snot eels or snot dragons lurking in a nearly empty river bed. The entities were having a very detrimental effect on my friend and the low riverbed represented his dwindling life force. I succeeded in moving the things to the North Pole in the vision briefly but they returned and my fried died some time later.

The reason I mention this is that last year I had a chest infection and had a sense that something was attaching itself to hitch a ride. At the time I thought little of it and wanted to be accommodating. It was a foolish thing to do aloowing whatever it was to lurk within the circle of my being and after two rounds of antibiotics I was able to move on.

This year, as is seasonal, the same pattern of illness started to manifest. Sure enough I had a vision of an unwanted visitor in the corner of my being. I tried folding it within the walls to section it off and send it away. However, that did not work. Then I probe sensed it (for want of a better term) to work out if it was benevolent or malevolent in its intent. Sensing only curiosity and seeming looking for a place to hide, I decided that this time I would move it with a little more force.

What happened next was a bit of a surprise as I started my usual cycle of letter meditations. The letters manifest as spinning blades of metal-like substance and I instinctibely assumed what I describe as the form of a jagged little time elemental. I moved what ever it was lurking on the edges of my being to a distant point in time and woke up in the morning feeling like the worst of my illness has passed. I've not shaken the illness entirely but this time I have ensured that there are no unwanted hitchers.

The thing is that my dreams often involve debating, arguing, learning from and teaching to other people. Some nights it feels like I am in a busy terminal crossing paths with lots of people. So it's not like I am hostile to the presence of others in my dreams or visions. Rather that when my physical condition is not good, I have learned to take a more active approach to dealing with it.

I could of cours be imagening all of this and some or all of it is likely to be the product of a very fertile imagination. The trick to changing shape in dreams is to use the substances around you. Literally form a body of what is surrounding you, making sure not to borrow something of someone else without getting approval first. There are few things worse than an entity borrowing a part of your body that then manifests as an uncontrolled growth.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Golem News

In case you have been living under a rock or buried a tonne of clay from a deactivated golem (a more common occurence than you might expect), this week has had a number of interesting golem news pieces.

  1. The Soul of the Golem is Truth by Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan author of the Sophia Street blog.
    1. This is in response to this CNN clip
  2. The Golem is alive by Frater Acher the author of the Theomagica blog
    1. This is (in part) in reponse to this golem exhibition in Berlin

Monday, 28 November 2016

Becoming More Golem-Like

Having looked back at the past 6 years of postings on this blog, it’s pretty safe to conclude that:
  1. I have written a lot of rubbish over the years
  2. Projects are a useful vehicle for initiating and tracking work (even if they are only sometimes successful and
  3. The study and practice of Kabbalah – in particular Sefer Yetzira, Book of Creation, is hard
I just want to elaborate a bit on the third point. Basically the problem domain can be broken down in a number of different parts:
  • A. Translating the text
  • B. Understanding the text at a basic level
  • C. Understanding the commentaries
  • D. Practising the techniques
  • E. Measuring progress
Whilst initially I thought that A to C would be challenging, it’s actually D and E that are the hardest. The techniques, for which I use the head movements, breathing, and chanting as taught in the writings of Abraham Abulafia, take a really long time.

It’s only when I try to use the techniques to solve a particular problem such as boosting the success of an American football team or finding a job or creating an amulet for a specific purpose – that it’s possible for me to get a good idea of how much or little I have progressed. Hence why I use projects as a vehicle for initiating and tracking progress, it’s a familiar way for me to package up and execute change in the world.

So what do the next six years have in store? I think probably a lot more of the same. But this time I am hoping to be more focused.

Life in this day and age is filled to the brim with distractions. Work emails coming in night and day, binge-watching on Netflix is the norm, Steam gaming portal has endless hours of distractions, not to mention the essentials such as work, family, and religious practice.

Over the past five years I have attempted to reduce my comfort zone as much as possible, to expose myself to ideas and views that challenge my world view, as well as reduce time on the things allow me to withdraw from the world (so to speak). Now my life has become a little more focused on a few things, rather than less focused on more things. My goal of having my evenings taken up only with study and meditation is drawing closer – although I will maintain some balance with other activities such as sport & socializing.

In summary perhaps the study of golem building has made me a little more boring, one-dimensional, and perhaps golem-like. But in order to advance in my study and practice of Jewish magic – more single-minded focus is required.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Project Summary 2011 to 2016

Date posted Project Title Summary Planned End Date Actual End Date Success Notes
Friday, 12 November 2010 Project: 40 Days for Wisdom An Invocation for Wisdom from The Book of the Angel Raziel 23/12/10 23/12/10 Yes This kick-started a whole series of book learning and practice based projects
Tuesday, 30 November 2010 Project: Understanding the Merkavah User Manual in 2000 pages or less Read 2000 pages of academic literature on Merkavah and Hechalot Mysticism 30/06/11
Yes Provided background of Merkava literature, not practical experiential knowledge
Thursday, 27 January 2011 Project: Memorize chapter 1 of Sefer Yetzirah (which deals with 10 Sefirot) Memorize all 14 verses Chapter 1 of Sefer Yetzirah (Gra version) in Hebrew 15/04/11 25/02/11 No The project succeeded initially but had to be repeated with the version used by Rabbi Cordovero
Tuesday, 3 May 2011 Project: Hebrew Immersion Study Course Read all of the 24 books of the Tanach 03/05/11
No Managed to study 5 Books of Moses three times, but only studied first book of Neviim
Wednesday, 10 August 2011 Project: Noten Kavod (Giving Respect) Noten Kavod (Give Respect/Honour) to people and things for next 3 weeks. 31/08/11 31/08/11 Yes I still practice on my commute, in particular to the local wildlife
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 Project: A Lion Has Roared Use spiritual influence to support Detroit Lions Time: Regular Season starting September 2011 01/01/12 01/01/12 Yes 10 wins, 6 losses. An improvement over previous seasons
Wednesday, 14 December 2011 “Amulet for Success” Improve financial status and employment prospects ?? ?? Yes Despite initial failure, it led to different opportunity that greatly boosted my career and earnings
Thursday, 22 December 2011 New Year, New You: Prompt 2: Goals as New Projects! Study 4 audio lectures on Sefer Yetzirah and do 2 practical exercises 14/02/12 14/02/12 Yes Lecture series kick-started wider range of Jewish meditative techniques
Thursday, 22 December 2011 New Year, New You: Prompt 2: Goals as New Projects! Translate 30 pages of Abraham Abulafia’s writing from Hebrew to English. 14/02/12 14/02/12 No Hebrew skills were really not up to the level required for this project
Tuesday, 31 January 2012 Sefer Yetizrah Readers Club Study chapter 1 of Sefer Yetzirah - with a number of commentaries ?? ?? No After a few study sessions the project stalled. Finding a committed study partner at a similar level is hard.
Friday, 1 June 2012 Make Yourself a Teacher Find an inner teacher 01/06/13 01/06/13 No I was not ready
Monday, 10 September 2012 Project: leaping forth from the Bashan Use spiritual influence to support Detroit Lions Time: Regular Season starting September 2012 30/12/12 30/12/12 No 4 wins, 12 losses…
Thursday, 8 November 2012 This is not a project: Translating Sodei Razaya Translate Sodei Razya HaShalem in to English 08/11/13 08/11/13 No Hebrew skills were still really not up to the level required for this project
Wednesday, 21 November 2012 New Project: Hack the Heichal (Heavenly Palace) Learn and experience as much as possible in the area of Angelic lore in Hebrew Kabbalah 21/05/12 ?? No Learned a little, experienced even less
Friday, 9 May 2014 Building a TARDIS-AS To travel through the spiritual realms with Rabbi Avraham Abulafia. 09/11/15 ?? No Project was too ambitious. Post-poned it to 2019
Sunday, 23 November 2014 Connecting the Letters Combine each letter with 21 others. Combine each letter with four-letter Name 23/04/16
Yes Gained a deeper connection to the Hebrew letters as living entities
Monday, 25 January 2016 New Project: Aramaic Absorption Read five Books of Moses with Aramaic commentary 25/01/07
No Managed 3 out of 5 books, then changes happened
Sunday, 14 February 2016 New Project: 10 Psalms for 10 Days Read 10 Psalms of Tikkin Klali every day for 10 days 24/02/16 24/02/16 Yes Project continued well beyond 10 days, improvements took 2 months
Thursday, 12 May 2016 New Project: Tzedek Tzedek like a Mensch Promote compassion and wealth 12/05/17

Friday, 11 November 2016

November 2016 update

It's been very quiet in this blog for awhile because there have been some major changes in my life recently. Changes that I initiated at the start of the year and are only now reaching the stage where the projects are completing and transitioning to business as usual.

The really important projects don't get mentioned on this blog until they are complete. Experience has shown that certain types of projects do not do well when they are publicised too early.

The long and the short of it is that I have moved out if London and changed jobs. The planning and preparation took 5 months, putting it in to action took 2.5 months.

To bolster the project I used a variety of magical techniques. Prayers for prosperity using Psalms and the prayers for financial success in the book Walking in the Fire. Combined with this I used numerous non-specifically magical techniques as outlines in the post about job hunting.

I learned during this journey that certain acts have a detrimental effect, in particular in job hunting. Also, building up one's patience to trust in the groundwork done in the first 5 months during the 2.5 months of being out of work - was for me quite hard.

The downside of being outside of London is that I am away from Treadwells, my favourite occult bookshop, as well as many of my magical friends. Plus I miss London itself. The city had me under her spell for over 15 years. There is something magical in traveling deep underground on the tube each day and feeling reborn after a literal journey through the world under our feet.

The benefits of the move are still crystallizing, but as a long term planner I know that good things require patience. One benefit that materialized recently was meeting a fellow Abraham Abulafia enthusiast. To find someone whose obsession matches and exceeds my own was very gratifying.

During the 2.5 month gap I forced myself to renew my study of Hebrew. I am learning 8-10 new words each day and my level of linguistic immersion has deepened significantly. Finally after many years of dreaming I will soon be ready to do some meaningful translation work of the Kabbalists whose life's works gave been cluttering my book shelves.

In closing I’m glad that a long term project hes worked out OK. there were some bumps on the road, but trusting in the principles of project management and magic helped turn it in to a success. I’d never thought that starting this blog six years ago that a combination of project management and magic & mysticism would get me this far. To be honest it was a bit of a joke at the start. However, regardless of the curious intermingling of disciplines I have got a lot of mileage out of it.

Coming up next: 6 year review and the plan for the next 6 years...